Makers and Manufacturing

Manufacturing Locally 

We choose to manufacture within a 15km range from our HQ. Producing locally means we are able to support local business and provide work for the fashion community and industry in Australia. 

With manufacturing locally - we are able to keep an eye on production methods and support our makers in their manufacturing process. All our workers comply with the Australian standards of work environments, which includes sick pay, holiday pay and equality. 

We believe in a slow production chain, which means the workers pick the time frame in which production is finished by, we have strong relationships with all our manufacturers and communicate on a regular basis on work loads, deadlines and pricing. Our manufactures are always able to produce our garments in a reasonable time frame and quality is never compromised. 

Meet our Makers 

We work with two manufacturers across Melbourne. 

Vanessa - 

Plays a huge role in the Pattern development and Making of majority of our garments. We have been working with Vanessa for just over a year now and have developed more than 15 styles with her that we aim to keep as part of our collections for many years to come. 

Located in Heidelberg West, Melbourne. 

Emma - 

We started working with Emma late last year (2019) in order to produce our knitwear pieces, she has a number of years of experience in the fashion industry - especially with knitwear. 

Emma only makes a certain number of garments at a time, her production runs are generally small sometimes only 5-10 units. 

Located in Brunswick East, Melbourne