Design and Garment Construction



Detailing to the design process - 

All our garments are designed in Melbourne, Australia by Eve Walton-Healey. As a designer Eve has an incredible eye for detail, she is known as a perfectionist in the area of fashion and garment construction. 

Eve works closely with her makers to ensure that the fit of the garment and style is something she wants to put in to full production runs. 

I don't believe in creating something that will not fit a purpose in someone's wardrobe, to me that is a complete waste of space" 

Each garment after being designed is worked on individually for pattern making and sampling. Once the garments structure has been defined, we will change the length or sometimes details of the garment before we approve it to go ahead into production. 

Fabrics choices are then determined by the style and the theme of the collection, what works best for the design.

I don't really ever imagine my garments just from an image, I am always imagining them from the fabric I can see them in, the shape and the structure.

Generally when designing a range, I will be walking around living my life with the full garment being imagined in my head " 

Our main focus when designing is that we are fighting the battle against mass produced fast fashion, only making small runs means we can focus on the product from start to finish - to ensure no details are missed. 

Our Goal By 2023 to have our supply chain fully circular-  One of the hardest thing for a small company to aim for, but with all our production now being made in Melbourne, we need to spend more energy finding out where our fabrics are coming from. 

We have used many dead stock fabrics in the ranges to come - which we will continue to do.