Trending: Paris Fashion Week

Trending: Paris Fashion Week

Trend report – Paris Fashion Week 
 All images credit to Getty Images on Harpers Bazaar


From the 23rd of September to the 1st of October the fashion world flocked to Paris to experience all that Paris Fashion Week had to offer. From runway hijacks at Chanel, to enormous video performances at Louis Vuitton, PFW did not fail to exceed expectations. 
Further and most important, it brought with it a gold mine of Fashion inspiration. 
Below we explore our top five trends from the week. 


  1. Lace
Seen in: Loewe, Alexander McQueen and Dior

We saw modern, structured cuts in soft pastel hues at Loewe, classic feminine styles boosted with masculine accessories at Alexander McQueen, and soft bohemian flow at Dior. Spring / summer 2020 saw lace prove to a fabric transposable into many forms, extending beyond old renaissance styles and into a fresh contemporary feel.

Above: Dior

Above left to right: Dior and  Alexander McQueen


Above: Loewe


 2. Ruffles / Frills

Seen in: Chanel, Valentino, Rochas and Dries Van-Noten

Coming in the form of long large sleeves in Dries Van-Noten, asymmetrical cut skirts in Rochas, and flamboyant feminine styles in Chanel and Valentino, frills took over SS2020. The results were a playful mix of floor length dresses and skirts combined with eye catching sheer and polka dotted fabrics.


Above: Rochas

Above: Both Dries Van-Noten

3. 70’s Style

 SS 2020 saw designers take on the 70s with an array of matching suits, crochet dresses, and boiler suits. Lending to a masculine-feminine array of fun and wearable looks. This was adopted by the likes of Altuzarra, Louis Vuitton and, Celine.


Above: Both Altuzarra

Above left to right: Louis Vuitton and Celine 

4. Leather

 Proving not just to be for bikers and punks’, designers across fashion week presented the fabric from head to toe in a wide range of styles and colour, bringing an edge to classic shapes and pieces. Off White played the trend in the form of cut out arm length gloves and skirts, whilst other designers such as Maison Margiela and Alexander McQueen employed the fabric from head to toe in blazers and dresses.


Above left to right: Alexander McQueen and Givenchy

5.Big Shoulders

Brining the 80’s trend out of the past and putting a futuristic modern twist on it, brands such as Valentino, Balenciaga and Balmain utilised should pads in a number of pieces. Whilst Valetino kept it relatively more relaxed in a black suit, Balmain and Balenciaga demonstrated a collision of fur, colour, and shoulder pads, injecting life and colour into the runways.

Above: both Balenciaga

Above left to right: Valentino and Balmain