Transparency and what it means to us.

Transparency and what it means to us.

Our label was named after our commitment to transparency- from the beginning I always knew if I was going to have a label I had to be producing garments that were simple & elegant but also ethical - It was an essential part of the whole overall brand image and what I stand for. 

I am dedicated to fair labour and feel pretty strongly against fast fashion, I knew when starting my label I really wanted to make a change against how the consumer buys fashion and educate the general public about what happens behind the scenes in our industry.

Its’ really confronting how we are treating people in our industry and I think its really important that if you as a designer are bringing something into the world you need to consider how everyone who is apart of the process is being treated. Its our job to be educated about the manufacturing processes and then educate the consumers in order to change bad habits.

We do not condone poor working conditions, slave or child labour! - We ensure that all workers are paid correct wages and are treated with respect when they go to work- this is the most important essence of our business and we believe in being honest with customers - fashion does not deserve to impact or kill lives!