The gender gap, why women keep on having to fight it.

The gender gap, why women keep on having to fight it.

Despite all the progress - women are still fighting for equality in the workplace and thats just a fact - its a fact that all Austalian's need to face. 

Recent studies show that less than a third of women in the workplace feel as though they are not being fairly treated at work - it also shows that more than 10 percent had experienced sexual harassment on the job which included verbal and physical gestures that made them feel uncomfortable. Not to mention the pay gap as well - Australian women on average earn 15.3% less than men - $1,387 per week rather than $1,638!!! 

So why is this the case and what does it mean for women later in life?

There are a number of issues to why we earn less then men - generally to do more with the fact that we are more likely to work part time rather than full time - and we are usually in lower earning occupations. But then there is the whole issue of discrimination.......

A recent NASEM report found that the overall wage gap of 17% was less due to industrial segregation (25%) and more due to unobserved factors or simply being a woman (60%). 

We need to ask ourselves and challenge our workplaces as we are looking a future of Lower lifetime earnings, less independence as we get older, less money in our super and more reason for us to rely on government funding- all because when it comes down to it we are women- you decide is that really fair?