Ricepaper Women - Honest to Goodness

Ricepaper Women - Honest to Goodness

Our latest project - We ask a selection of real customers why they love our label and what it means to them, here's what they have to say. 

"Every time I wear my wrap dress I receive compliments! I love how versatile it is!"

- Caitlin 

“I’m very passionate about ethical fashion and local design. Ricepaper ticks both of those boxes, plus their garments are so beautiful and easy to wear!” 

- Olivia 

"Such a beautifully made dress that can be worn on any occasion. Which is made even better by the fact it’s ethical local fashion. Love it! " 

- Katharine 

"Ricepaper has quickly become my favourite Melbourne label! Beautiful clothing that is well made, ethical and extremely easy to wear! I love what ricepaper stands for and is doing in the fashion industry." 

- Megan 

"It’s an all the time, all seasons dress! Perfect for all occasions! I LOVE my Ricepaper dress!!" 

- Michelle 

"Each time I put on my dress I instantly feel more confident and feminine. I love that it’s locally designed and ethically made."

- Kamara

"I love the materials used – they feel amazing. The garments are such versatile pieces – I’ve worn my Millet Wrap Dress to several book events, writer’s festivals and to a work conference. It’s perfectly elegant and beautiful whilst still being professional and comfortable." 

- Harriet 

" I love the elegance and simplicity of my beautiful woollen coat and love to wear it to the theatre! it is made to perfection with simple design lines" 

- Sue 

" Having purchased two rice paper designs I have not just made a lifetime investment in beautifully designed clothing but have changed my entire philosophy in how I now purchase. It is very satisfying purchasing ethically and supporting an up-and-coming designer at the same time " 

- Lesley