Plastic Fashion: Are your clothes polluting the Ocean?

Plastic Fashion: Are your clothes polluting the Ocean?

Not many people are aware that majority of clothing is made from plastic, if they did do you think we would be exposing our skin to the fibre of the polymeric material, everyday? 

We have all been taught from a young age not to throw a plastic water bottle into the water or litter in any form, but now we are facing a new challenge.

Polyester and acrylic clothing ( mainly fast fashion fashion as they are both fibres that are cheap) is shedding thousands of plastic fragments into our water stream every time they hit our washing machines -its a long cycle for the fragments until they eventually end up in our oceans- but they should not be arriving there in the first place!

Recent study suggests that an average 6kg load can off load nearly half a million fibres from a polyester garment and more than 70,000 from an acrylic garment - Marine scientists have discovered these threads in fish, deep sea sediments and floating at the surface of the ocean - they suggest that garments that are being produced these days are shredding much quicker than in the past and we that we need a solution for minimising unnecessary emissions of plastic. 

So what is the solution, you decide- check the care label before you purchase a garment and choose longer lasting pieces that are less disposable and better for our planet and our environment! xx