Mastering your night routine so you can get your beauty sleep

Mastering your night routine so you can get your beauty sleep

Being a successful, creative and powerful woman can be extremely rewarding but coming home after a successful day and winding down can be quite difficult- the constant pressure of achieving in your role at work or after hours can be overwhelming. 

Below are some tips we have found useful for mastering a routine that winds you down so you can get the sleep you need and you can perform at your peak the next day.

Keep your ritual consistent - whether thats your shower routine, exercise routine or bedtime - being in a constant practice of your wind down time no matter how late it is, will make you commit and slow down your thoughts from the day. 

Forget being perfect-  Nobody is - we all make mistakes, forget things and have expectations that we may not be able to succeed at that particular moment in time - if you are someone who tends to worry after work hours, set a time frame for that night, might be 5 minutes could be 10 but during that time get your thoughts out on paper and then block the thoughts out. 

Plan events to look forward to during the week - Meet friends for drinks, go see a live show, attend that yoga class you have always wanted to do- whatever you are craving block it in a week in advanced for the following week and attend. 

Put your phone away 30 minutes before you head to bed - Screens have been proven to fuel activity in your brain - turn off the phone, put it on silent or night mode whatever suits you - but pop it away.

Have a skincare routine -  Wash and cleanse the body and skin- theres nothing more nice than hopping into bed with skin that you feel has been cleaned from the days stresses- and plus you will wake up with shiny healthy skin ready to power through the next day!

Honey and milk - yes please! - Make yourself a special nighttime drink - something to look forward to do as the day comes to an end. Honey and milk is our favourite as it promotes tryptophan to be released into the brain which is then converted into serotonin which induces relaxation. 

Now to get that beauty sleep, goodnight xx