Looks like having that laundry routine mastered is essential after all.

Looks like having that laundry routine mastered is essential after all.

We give you some of the best tips to care for your clothes below and some simple ideas to how you can make the process a lot easier and enjoyable for yourself. 

Start with quality - 

Its always a good idea to invest in a good quality garment - something you are going to get your cost per wear from. By spending money on garments that never go out of style you can create a base wardrobe for longevity. 

Pay attention to the little white tag- 

We have all ignored it before - but the care instructions found on the side of your garment actually provide useful information! If you know you don't enjoy a certain type of washing or care instruction - don't invest in the garment. 

Don't go to hot on those plates! Iron with care - 

 When you are ironing a garment you are pressing down important fibres and loosening them out. Unfortunately if you go to hot it does eventually ruin them. if you don't trust yourself in using one - you can always invest in a steamer it uses moisture and heat to get rid of crinkles. 

Invest in - 

A lovely laundry basket of course! it just inspires you to care for your clothes when they are going to the wash or before they get ironed. That way they don't end up on the floor collecting dust and dirt. 

Rotate your clothes - 

Have a uniform for the week and where it - whether you wash after every single wear is up to you - but if there is no need to - air your clothes out before wearing them again. Another trick we have up our sleeve is Attire Care's Fabric refresh simply spray it on your clothes, leave to air and wear again. I always find this is great for thick sweaters in the winter. 


Pay attention to the settings on your washing machine- 

Its easy to get overwhelmed by all the different settings and much easier to hit the button standard or select a temperature wash- but knowing how these affect your clothing is really important. Always pop your wool/knits separately through a wool wash and delicates in a garment bag. 

Wash your clothes less- 

less is more! the washing cycle is vigorous on clothes it shreds fibres off  - the less you wash them the more the fibres will thank you unless of course it is visibly noticeable that they are dirty!

Only wash when you have a full load - 

Because theres no point in washing when you don't! Make it worthwhile for the water usage and your sanity. 

Every time you do the washing play some music or spend some time intentionally turning the chore into a therapeutic moment- enjoy the calmness of the machine washing all your thoughts away. 

Ensure you buy some nice, ethical laundry products - 

Its always a good idea to have a few up your sleeve - even if its just a nice spray for finishing your ironing with or something you can use to refresh your clothing -something small that you and your clothes will thank you for.