How to build an ethical & versatile wardrobe

How to build an ethical & versatile wardrobe

We were recently asked in an interview with Pony Anarchy what sustainability means to us and what our top tips are for readers trying to make more responsible wardrobe choices - Here’s what we suggest in more detail, Enjoy xx 

Consume sensibly – less is often more...

So you have heard big brands drop new stock every two weeks?

This is so we as consumers feel as if the items we already own feel old and out of fashion so therefore we want something new to wear and consume more.

Australians on average are consuming 27 kilograms of new clothing per year and are sending 85% of it back into landfill.                            

Invest in pieces and labels you love and believe in, pieces that will last and will still be fashionable in 5 years time, know your style and be confident with it, then nothing goes out of fashion.  

Build a wardrobe from versatile pieces you can work into a number of occasions-

Investing in a wardrobe can be spendy at first, we get that! But cost per wear will balance the costs out in the long run.

Versatile pieces you can wear to a number of occasions is always the cheapest way to go – I never invest in anything unless I know that the garment’s quality is going to last a number of washes and that I can wear it to a number of occasions. 

You never really know the full story unless you research-

Okay so you have found a brand you love and you can’t stop thinking about the beautiful pieces you would like to buy- well you as a consumer have two choices once you hit checkout- find out about the brands manufacturing process or turn a blind eye to it.

We recommend finding out about the brand before you hit add to cart -  Unfortunately in our industry things are not always what them seem from the outside. 

Re -pair, Re-use and Re-cycle

Three simple steps that you will feel better doing. Not every one has the skills to change a zipper or change a dress into a playsuit, but honestly you don’t need to be a sewer to achieve these.

Treat your garments as if it was your own health: I have had a pair of kuwaii wool pants for five years, I bought them wore them to death and of course over time they have had a few holes and pilling through them due to the nature of the fabric. I still wear them, I have patched them, sewn them and de pilled them a number of times but it just proves if you treat your garments with love and respect you will get so much wear from them.

Have you ever read the care label inside your garment? Start now, it actually provides very useful information on how to care for the fabrics and will extend the longevity of the garment if used correctly.

Found something in your wardrobe that is no longer your style, no worries – maybe your friend likes it? Have you considered popping it on a platform such as ebay or facebook to sell it, rather than chucking it out?

 It does matter and the industry needs your help -

I see clothing as something humans will always have to have, it’s a must in order for us to live, lets start caring and taking action on how its manufactured and how we consume it- change your attitude to knowing and taking more action. 



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