Fashion Revolution week

Fashion Revolution week

Fashion Revolution Week - 22nd of April / 27th of April 

Why do we need a Fashion Revolution ? 

On April 24th 2013 The Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed, it was a horrific scene with 1138 people dying and another 2300 who were seriously injured.

It was also the moment I decided that I would never buy FAST FASHION again and  if I was going to start a Label it would never EXPLOITand take advantage of PEOPLE. There were at the time five big fashion labels manufacturing out of the Rana Plaza, the victims were mostly FEMALE. 

Since then people from all over the world have started a movement that we are proud to be apart of FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK- ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS AND FIND OUT WHERE YOUR CLOTHES ARE BEING MADE ITS NOT OKAY FOR SOMEONE TO DIE FOR FASHION. XX


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