How to commit to beauty, the natural way

How to commit to beauty, the natural way

'Beauty is not determined by how something looks. It lives in actions, with how we treat the people the things that we are working with. Real beauty - you don't just see it, you can feel it. It has a heart beat; It's the way of being' - Christy Dawn 

Our top tips to not be sucked into the unrealistic beauty standards in todays society, we believe being natural is more beautiful and heres why.  Enjoy xx 

Be confident in your own skin - Know the person you are, what you stand for and how you go about this in your everyday life. How? Stop seeking validation from others, Build your own self worth, accept your weaknesses and practice self love. 

Have a make up free day, Trust us your skin will thank you and the environment will too - Many make ups are actually dangerous and the chemicals that they contain cause age to your skin at a faster rate than if you were to wear no make up- not only will your skin feel better but so will the environment -  

Toxic chemicals that are washed down the sink end up going straight into the ocean, damaging the eco systems and causing death to aqua life. More than 70% of the packaging used in cosmetics ends up in landfill and the rest gets discarded into our oceans - be mindful of how much you are using and the impacts on consuming more- it doesn't hurt to have a rest. 

Eat nutritious food without being on a diet-  If your anything like me you will get grumpy if you are hungry and everyone around you will notice. I always start my morning off with a berry smoothie - antioxidants and a awesome source of fibre, then I have a egg- Protein that helps assist in brain functionality through out the day and helps with energy- its a nutritious snack that gets me out of bed in the morning and ready for the day. 

I never say no to anything in moderation - our body needs food in order for us to function- we cant live without it. 

Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable-  This is so important. Ever worn a suit and felt powerful? Research shows the clothes you wear will actually influence your brains chemistry. Dress with a purpose and be satisfied in what your wearing and confidence will radiate off you. 

Embrace your hair - Such a underestimated element in the beauty world. Wash your hair every few days- let it dry naturally. Invest in a nice hair brush that you can take with you everywhere and regularly brush it when it is dry. 

Your hair is an attribute that we all take for granted yet we are so lucky to have it - its the attribute that shows your overall health and wellbeing from a distance. 

And Lastly-.... 

Always remember the best beauty tips cannot be purchased they include getting enough sleep, stress management and self care which ultimately have an impact on the person you choose to be. xx