Are you proud of what's going into your bag?

Are you proud of what's going into your bag?

Heading into one of the biggest months of consumerism in the year its important you know whats going into your bag and that the choices you make stay ETHICAL - remember what you are carrying around in your bag can speak and generally tell a story of how it was made. Are you proud of the label splashed across your bag - and can you justify carrying it around? 

-The world now consumes 80 billion pieces of clothing each year - 400% increase than the last two decades.

-  Majority of workers in the manufacturing industry are earning less than 3 dollars a day. 

- 250,000 Indian cotton farmers killed themselves in the last 15 years as a result of working in the cotton industry 

- Over 90% of clothing we buy in Australia comes from 'fast fashion' factories off shore. 

- The fashion industry is the worlds second largest pollution industry right after oil. 

- 87% of women in the garment industry are paid below the minimum wage. 

Fashion is not worth taking away someones life. Think twice before you buy into a label & remember you are what you wear.