A brilliant step in the right direction ; Why Kevin Murphy is leading the beauty industry to a more sustainable future

A brilliant step in the right direction ; Why Kevin Murphy is leading the beauty industry to a more sustainable future

Every year we are dumping 8 million tonnes of plastic into our oceans, endangering the lives of marine life and polluting the planet. Plastics ending up in the ocean can absorb hazardous chemicals and over time turn into toxic plastic debris that is ingested by marine life and poses a potential health risk to humans.

The Beauty industry is of particular concern, from shampoo to toothpaste, make-up to plastic cellophane wrapped around a new product, we all own and continue to re-purchase large amounts of single-use plastic in the form of beauty products. Global data by Euromonitor has shown that in 2017 alone, approximately 76.8 billion individual plastic packaging units were produced. A staggering number for a world that is already using 500 billion single-use plastic items in just water bottles.

Whilst many sub-industries of the Fashion and Beauty industry also have negative impacts on our environment (such as the denim industry which uses 2000 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans), the hairdressing industry is of particular concern to our waterways. The repeated use of chemicals which wash into our oceans, aerosols, consumption of water, and electricity on a daily basis has been a cause of concern from both customers and professionals alike. 

Recent years have seen major shifts in both the fashion and beauty industry, arising from the ever-growing concern for the state of the planet and the rise of Global Warming. This worldwide epidemic has seen consumers demand more from brands in terms of both sustainability and transparency. 

Australian hairdresser and business owner Kevin Murphy, owner of brand KEVIN.MURPHY is standing up and leading change for the hairdressing industry in Australia. All KEVIN.MURPHY products are currently sulphate free, made from naturally derived sources, and packaged in either recyclable or biodegradable plastic. Additionally, the brand announced in September of 2018 that from mid-2019 all bottles containing their hair products will be made from 100% recycled ocean-plastic, saving 360 tonnes of new plastic each year. This makes KEVIN MURPHY the first beauty brand in the world to adopt this practise as they aim to initiate industry-wide change and further the conversation around the topic of safe and environmentally sound packaging disposal. 

A brilliant step in the right direction, this initiative is paving the way for other brands and setting a new standard in plastic packaging. 

Adoption of techniques such as the use of recycled ocean-plastic are vital for the longevity and health of our planet, leading the way toward a more sustainable future in the beauty industry. 

Artwork & Article by Lydia Crist